Several reasons to visit Ukraine

The main sights of Ukraine? How can this country surprise you? How is this different from other Eastern European countries?

Why do tourists like Ukraine?

Ukraine is not in the top 50 most visited countries today, but the situation may change dramatically shortly. What do tourists know about this country? If you ask any person on the street what they know about Ukraine, they will most likely answer that it is a country next to Russia, Chornobyl, and beautiful girls. Not too much, right? It is the largest country in Europe with a considerable history and traditions that the world has yet to learn. At, you will find more information about this country’s tourism and excellent routes.

Top 6 reasons to visit Ukraine

Ukraine is a large country where each region has its own cultural, natural, and linguistic features. For many centuries (until 1991), it did not have its statehood and was part of different countries – the USSR, Russia, Poland, Austria, Turkey, and many others. The Ukrainian people fought for their independence for centuries until they finally got it in 1991. After that, there were several difficult periods – two revolutions, the annexation of Crimea, and the outbreak of the war in the Donbas (and then a full-scale war with Russia).

Because for several centuries, the lands of modern Ukraine were part of different countries; each region is different from the other, and people speak different languages ​​and dialects, but this makes the country even more interesting for tourists. Now we want to discuss 6 main reasons why you should visit this country and what emotions you can get.

1. Gorgeous girls

In 2019, Big 7 Travels conducted a study in which they asked representatives of different countries which nation they consider the sexiest. Ukrainians received this honorary title (the Philippines took second place).

Indeed, everyone who has ever visited this country knows that Ukrainian girls are distinguished by their natural beauty, inner radiance, and incredibly kind and gentle character. They win the hearts of men, as Ashton Kutcher (husband of Mila Kunis), Paul William Scott Anderson (husband of Milla Jovovich), and Olga Kurylenko’s fans have already been able to see.

2. Delicious cuisine

If you like delicious food, you should come to Ukraine and try borscht and dumplings. Each homemaker has a recipe for their preparation. From time to time, festivals are held here, where hundreds of hostesses can participate, each offering to try their recipe for this famous soup.

Each region of the country has its national dishes:

  • Zhytomyr – potato pancakes;
  • Chernihiv – roast in pots and pies with viburnum;
  • Sums – borscht on beetroot kvass;
  • Kyiv – cutlets in Kyiv;
  • Odessa – forshmak;
  • Crimea – lagman and dolma;
  • Poltava – dumplings.

In every corner of Ukraine, you can taste unique dishes made from local products richly seasoned with local color and love.

3. Chernobyl

In 1986, one of the worst man-made disasters in the world occurred – the accident at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. An explosion of 7 points resulted in the fourth nuclear reactor being destroyed, and most of Europe was covered with a huge radioactive cloud. To eliminate this catastrophe, enormous resources and more than 500 thousand people were involved (most died in the first few months after the accident from radiation sickness).

Today Chornobyl is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine, where hundreds of thousands of tourists come annually. People are attracted not only by the unique history of this place but also by the atmosphere. Here time has stopped; you are making a journey into the past. In addition, many say that radiation gives a person peace.

4. Carpathians

In the country’s west, there is a rather sick mountain system called the Ukrainian Carpathians. Their highest part, Mount Hoverla, is at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. Anyone can climb this mountain even without special physical training. Groups are regularly organized here, with the help of which you can take this height in just one day.

In addition, there are cheese dairies in the mountains, where cheese is brewed according to ancient recipes from sheep’s milk. You can get acquainted with this complex craft and try this unusual delicacy.

Separately, the local forests are rich in legends and exciting stories. Here you can fully believe in miracles and feel the peace unavailable to you. In addition, several large ski resorts are very popular with winter sports enthusiasts.

5. Cost and availability

Prices in Ukraine are much lower than in other European countries. Here you can easily spend a weekend for only 50-100 dollars. Prices for food and products will pleasantly surprise you, and housing will not be a big problem.

What about availability? You can find direct flights to Kyiv from New York, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Beijing, and many other major cities. Recently, the number of such flights has been snowballing, so wherever you are, you can quickly fly to the capital of Ukraine.

6. Rich history

The history of Ukraine as a state begins with Kievan Rus (882-1240) – one of the most developed and powerful countries in Europe. After a series of wars, the lands of Ukraine became part of different states, each of which built exceptional knowledge here and influenced the development of culture. It has led to the country having several beautiful castles and architectural monuments, noteworthy trends in painting, and ancient traditions observed today.

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